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High-end Equipment Manufacturing and System Integration Service :This sector mainly provides nuclear secondary pumps,nuclear centrifugal chiller sets,small and medium water-turbine generators,high precision CNC machine tools,high-power diesel engine,medium and high pressure compressors,wind turbines and blades,transformers and wires & cables,which are leading both domestic and international markets.Owning several China's top brands,CME is a main drive of basic industry,chemical industry,environmental protection industry,energy industry and the construction of China's urbanization.

Electronic Information Equipment and System Integration Service: This sector mainly provides communication and command systems & equipment for special purposes,communication devices and systems,nuclear radiation detection and processing devices,communication and control devices for rail transit,automotive electronics,network billing machines,and smart gas meters,etc.The independent R&D communication and command system has reached a world-class level.CME is a key player for China's national defense development.The products play a significant role in both military and civil markets.

Transportation Equipment and System Integration Service:This sector mainly provides general aircraft,heavy trucks,monorail carriage,diesel engines,transmissions gearbox,dutch brake and steering systems,axles,suspension systems,vehicle bearings,fasteners,cylinder block & head etc.which are exporting globally.These products play an important role in China's transport and engineering machinery industry.CME also serves as an important R&D and manufacturing base of transport equipment and related components in China.

Intelligent Manufacturing and System Integration Service:This sector mainly provides high precision intelligent products,the design of discrete type & intelligent factories & traditional industry automation,intelligent full solutions.As one of the largest manufacturers of electronic products ODM/OEM in Chongqing,CME also owns high-end intelligent gear processing lines,logistics supply system,test and welding robots.

Engineering Technology Service and Application:In addition to the high precision equipment manufacturing,CME also provides engineering EPC,EMC,storage and TPL,industrial remanufacturing and financial service,etc.This sector is to support CME's key sectors,develop strategic new-emerging industries,upgrade traditional industries and encourage innovation.

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